As the nation commemorates the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, one group of Kansans reflects on a war that impacted them personally. A small group of prisoners of war from World War II and their wives met for lunch Friday.

They meet every month to catch up and support each other decades after one of the world's largest conflicts. Matthew Horsch was a prisoner of war and says the support of other POWs helps him cope with memories of war.

"We've all been through similar things. We can talk and understand each other," Horsch said.

The group has been meeting for decades and widows of members who died still come to honor their husbands. Over lunch the members share stories of the war. William Paschal recounts the day he was released from a work camp in Germany.

"One of the big German guards came out and said 'listen Americans, your President is dead.'" Paschal said the guard was happy to report the death of President Roosevelt and still believed the Germans would win the war, "But just two hours later we were rescued and he became our prisoner," Paschal said.

The members say their numbers are dwindling, years ago their group had more than 80 members today there are only a handful left, but the existing members say they will always stay in touch.