There are two sides to every story and the family dealing with the death of a 10-month-old girl wants the public to know theirs.

The child, Kadillak Poe-Jones, died after being left in a hot car for two-and-a-half hours. Police arrested her foster father, Seth Jackson, on aggravated child endangerment charges. They plan to present the case to the District Attorney Tuesday.

Jackson grew up in a home that fostered more than 30 children. His mother, Dottie, says it was her passion that made Jackson aspire to become a foster parent himself. She asked Eyewitness News not to use her last name because she's a foster parent.

Dottie says Jackson would do anything for a child in need and she says he will never be able to get over the death of his daughter.

"My heart is crushed," Dottie said. "I've lost a grand baby here, and I've lost my son. My son will never be the same."

Jackson takes in kids dealing with difficult situations as his own. He and his partner adopted three kids and fostered three others. Now he's facing charges for the death of his youngest.

"Seth would've been the first one to stand up and say 'who in their right mind would've done something like that?'"

Dottie said the day Kadillak died started as a celebration.

"The little boy that was with Seth, they just went birthday shopping and got new shoes and he was excited to show his new shoes," Dottie said. "So they got out of the car and they did family stuff."

Dottie says the 5-year-old had to go to the bathroom, so Jackson hurried with the child into the house leaving Kadillak behind. She was strapped in her car seat in the back of a Dodge Charger as the temperature outside soared above 90 degrees. Investigators say it was much hotter inside the car.

"His sentence is now a lifetime," Dottie said. "Whether it's on paper or not, it's in his mind and it's going to be in his heart the rest of his life."

As Jackson sits in jail thinking about what happened, deputies have him on suicide watch. It's a relief for Dottie to have someone keeping a close eye on her son.

"He got his phone call and it was to tell me that he hated himself and that he just wanted to die," Dottie said.

Dottie said she knows she can't get her son out of this situation, but she can love him through it.

"I've always told him everything is going to be alright," Dottie said. "But I'm going to make sure he knows I love him first."

Two of Jackson's foster kids are currently staying with family members. The two adopted children, who have been in police protective custody, will be staying with Dottie when they are released.

Jackson is expected to make his first appearance in court Tuesday afternoon.