Wichita Police are investigating after four elementary students reported lewd behavior and fondling by another classmate.

Administrators with Cessna Elementary notified police this week after learning about reported sex crimes between students. Four students, all under the age of 14, have been subjected to lewd fondling and touching by another classmate, according to a police report.

Two of the students said their classmate also made suggestive comments towards them, but were never touched inappropriately.

The report said the incidents began last September, and all during school hours and on school property.

Susan Arensman, USD 259 spokeswoman, said staff immediately contacted police after learning about the allegations.

"We are assisting them as they do the investigation," Arensman said.

Dustin and Ashley Sims say their fourth grade daughter is one the students who complained about the student.

"She had been telling us that the kid was bullying her for a while, and then last night, you know, she came home and told me that he was touching her inappropriately," Dustin said. "It's one of the worst things that could happen, especially in a school where they should be safe."

The case remains under investigation with the Exploited and Missing Children's Unit.