Two hours before tip-off this inside of Koch Arena is uncharacteristically quiet. Thomas "Premo" Cook's job is to change that.

"I bring energy. That's what people hire me to do," Premo said.

Premo is a hip-hop artist based in Wichita and he has spent the last two home games spinning tracks while the Shockers warm up.

"The guys like it. I'm just bringing up the energy," Premo said.

Premo's music is a mix of popular dance hits and his own, often Shocker inspired songs. Premo first started writing Shocker music after he got off work at the Champions club (the social club inside Koch arena) two years ago.

"I was leaving work and walked into the arena. That energy was amazing and I knew I wanted to be a part of it," Premo said.

Premo says he went home that night, started writing and soon his single "The Shockers Anthem" was done. Premo has been writing more and selling his music ever since.

Premo doesn't wait tables at the Champions Club anymore, he devotes all his time to his musical pursuits.

As the Shockers' success continues Premo says it gives him something to celebrate and aspire to.

"You know it's not just the team but the whole community. I've never seen a community like this, never. I'm so proud of everyone coming together for just one thing," Premo said.

The Shockers aren't ready to quit, and neither is Premo.

"Just like my team I have big dreams," Premo said, " I will see you all at the top."