A look at what viewers are sending to our inbox and my attempt to answer questions and concerns...

Far left reporting?

“Why is KWCH so far left on all the reporting in elections. It would seem to me that in a strong republican state like Kansas you could be fair to both sides. If that would ever happen I would fall off the sofa.”
(I’m not sure what the e-mailer is referring to.  There were no examples given, but I can tell you we try our best to cover all sides of any political race or issue.)

Your logo blocks my radar
"I live in a farming community in Rawlins County and I watch the weather on your 10-2 channel closely to plan my work schedule. I like your weather coverage, however your Storm Team 12 weather logo blocks my view of the radar coming into our area from Nebraska and Colorado. Would it be possible to make your map bigger or move the logo to the eastern side of the state?"
(There’s only so much space on the screen and we tend to focus the radar on our viewing area. The meteorologists almost always show a bigger picture when there are storms threatening from other states. The issue has been passed along to the weather department!)

Two 9 P.M. newscasts, so what’s the difference?
"What is the difference between channel 4 and channel 5, 9:00 news?"
(We, KWCH, produce the 9:00 KSCW news on channel 5. The news on channel 4 for Fox Kansas is produced by KSN.  I hope you watch the KSCW!)

Where did he go?
“What happened to Jim Grawe?”
(Jim decided to pursue other career opportunities. We are thankful for the years he dedicated to KWCH and wish him well for the future.)

Attack ads
“I am appalled by the Anti-Davis advertisement that is running on your station. The ad is from the Republican Governors Association. I understand that you are just running what they pay you to run but I will personally change channels or turn off the TV when your station runs that kind of adds. I am tired of adds that run down the opponent and never talk about what they will do to make the lives better for the average citizen. If this is what our system has come to then I will do the only thing available to me and that is to not support the TV stations, radio stations or news print that continues to run these adds.”
(During election season, our FactFinder team is constantly busy fact checking as many ads as we can to help you make an informed decision. If something is misleading in these ads we will let you know.)