A look at what viewers telling us...and my attempt to answer some of their questions/concerns.

Sports coverage is pathetic
"I just finished watching the evening News, Weather and Sports. Your sports reporters? are pathetic. The two female reporters lead off with WSU Baseball on whatever broadcast they are on. We then have to watch a play or plays from every inning.
There is more to sports than WSU. To back up a moment Greg Marshall did a great job With the Mens Basketball team Congrats are In order.
I don’t believe there was a word mentioned about the Kentucky Derby. "

(We pride ourselves on local sports coverage, including the website CatchitKansas.com that covers local high school sports. As for the Kentucky Derby, it was covered multiple times that day in our newscasts. It is baseball season, so you will see coverage of both WSU and Royals at this time of year.  Sorry you didn't see what you wanted to see.)

It’s hot—but not that hot!
"I was looking on your website for today's weather and found that next Wednesday is going to be 127 degrees. I laughed a little, just thought I would point out the error, as many others have I'm sure."

(You’re right…it’s not going to be 127 degrees! Millie has trouble typing sometimes!)

Where’s the link?
"You are continually saying to check on KWCH.com to get further details, or saying to go to KWCH.com and click on links, but I can never find them on there. Where are these at??"

(I'm sorry you are having difficulty finding links on the website. Links usually found in the “on-air links” section on the front page. They often found within the stories themselves.I'm told we are working on ways to make them easier to find.)

Weather radio for sale?
Where can I buy a weather radio?

(We no longer offer the radios from KWCH, but you can find them at any electronics store)

What’s up with your App?
"Can't access the app today at all. Says that there's an initialization problem and to check my internet connection. Connection is fine, even tried it with wifi off, still has the same message. Deleted app and redownloaded it again...no good still"

(Our provider was having trouble. Thanks for pointing it out…it has been fixed.)

Falcon cam
"I cannot locate the link on your web site to the web cam on the falcons. Please tell me where it is located."

(You can find it under the "on air links" section.  It's there now.)