What are viewers telling Eyewitness News?  This is a sample "From the Inbox" this week:

Please stop that Brownback ad
I ask that you stop the political ad of Gov Brownback praising him for "passing" a legislative bill for the K-12 funding. It's a sham that he takes credit for this when the bill includes the "due process" issue for teachers in public schools and it is somewhat questionable how beneficial the funding really is. And he has not yet decided what to do with the bill and should veto it. I know it's income for KWCH but I think it's a travesty that your station accepts this money and plays the song and dance for Brownback. I find it really sickening tho I understand that you must show it if it's paid for with large sums of money, and meets the guidelines for television decency. However I think it would be more decent to show a Miley Cyrus show than this political ad singing praises of the school funding bill rather than just reporting on the legislature.
I can change channels when this is played and may decide to change channels permanently and stop watching KWCH.
Thank you for listening to me.

(FactFinder 12 fact checked the first ad and we will check this one as well.  Here's the link http://www.kwch.com/news/local-news/ff12-ad-check-group-supporting-brownback-airing-ads/25183494)

Hello Millie and Fellow Weathermen
We always use KWCH for news, weather, etc. Just a quick question concerning the cellular phone text message weather warning system. We live on the Kansas/Oklahoma line and was wondering if we could get Kay County as well as the Cowley County we presently are enrolled in? Thank you for any response. Keep up the good work! God bless! Love you Millie!

Noon markets
Was wondering if you could allow a little more time for the markets on your noon news. To me they sometimes go so fast you don't have enough time to read them. Thanks for your time

Being left out
How nice of you to run a house ad to let us know that your organisation has bought into the F*c*book and Twiddle-Twaddle hype.
I spend my year split between here and Texas...and until now I have spent a good portion of my tv viewing hours on your station when here. I believe I need to re-think that now.
Lest you write me off to "old fogeyism", be aware that I work as a computer, satellite, and home theatre installer, and have since 1998. But the so-called 'social revolution' does not interest me. I am aware that Internet is forever, and choose NOT to participate.
The point is to make your organisation aware that I am not alone in this attitude, and you are specifically limiting your public access by focusing on those portals. It takes quite a bit of digging to find the info for this missive.