Garden City Police are investigating after allegations of sexual exploitation of a child were reported by Garden City High School officials.

A female student told a school official that nude photographs of herself were being passed around via text message by multiple students in the school. The girl says she was thirteen when the picture was taken.

Police say during the investigation, 6 suspects ages 14-18 were identified.

Investigators are also looking into allegations of solicitation of nude pictures of teenage girls as well. In a press release issued on Friday, Garden City Police say there are several other potential suspects and victims, but many are refusing to cooperate with law enforcement.

Capt. Randy Rolston, Garden City Police, said parents need to be aware sexting is a growing problem among teens.

"With social media, the era we live in, I would caution people be careful what you view, what you send," he said. "Caution the girls be careful what you're letting people take pictures of or pictures you are sending out  yourself."

No arrests have been made. Affidavits have been filed with the Finney County Attorney's office on charges of electronic solicitation of a child, sexual exploitation of a child, promoting obscenities to minors and interference with a law enforcement officer.