The Garden City School District says a recent conference trip, which cost taxpayers more than $100,000, was necessary to become a model school district.

In June, 61 teachers and administrators from USD 457 attended the conference in Florida.

Originally, only 20 people were going to go. But, the district decided to send a teacher from every grade level from each school.

Eyewitness News asked the district to explain why it says the training was worth the price tag.

A schoool spokesperson tells us it will help the district meet its five-year goal of being a model school district.

The money was a combination of budgeted school funds as well as Federal and state grants.

"Professional development is a critical part of our education process to help educate our teachers to become better educators," says USD 457 Spokesperson Royce Cessna, "And it's been a goal of the school district to provide professional development to our teachers to make them better educators."

Cessna says there have been years where the district has not sent anyone to conferences. He says the budget has improved and that's part of the reason so many were allowed to go this year.