It's a first impression for I-70 drivers from Colorado and the community says it's a good one. Goodland, Kansas is a good five hours from Wichita, but folks say the Butterfly Cafe is worth the drive.

All the goodness in the community fills the seats at the cafe, the plates, and the pies. "They're not the average restaurant pie," said Walter Linthatum. "They taste more like home-baked pie."

At Butterfly Cafe in Goodland's airport, everything's more like home. Especially for manager Carlotta McDermott whose mother started making the pies. "I still have people say they remember my mom," said McDermott.

Her mom passed away in 2008 and that's when Marilyn Collett stepped in. "When she got sick and wasn't able to make them, well somebody needed to do it. So I started," said Collett.

That's how things work in Goodland. It's easy to see the good in everyone. Because the airport is a good stop for pilots, people come from around the country to eat the pie. "You meet a lot of different people," said McDermott. "Especially the ones that fly in and stuff."

People there have figured out that the right ingredients, with a sprinkle of sugar, make for a good life. "It's a wonderful place to be," said customer Judy Bateman.