MAIZE, Kan. -

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback stopped at Vermillion Elementary in Maize Tuesday afternoon to talk with parents and students about his push for state-funded, all-daykindergarten.

"The state of Kansas for a long time has wrestled with the issue of whether to go to all day kindergarten funding," Brownback said. "I'm the 3rd governor to ask for all day kindergarten funding."

The governor says it will take $16 million a year for the next five years to fund the initiative. Currently the state provides funds for half-day kindergarten. Parents in Maize pay extra for their kids to attend all-day.

Some educators say they support the proposal for educational reasons but some parents whose children go to half-day kindergarten say they are split on the issue.

Laura Smith, parent, said she feels all-day kindergarten is a long time for young children to be in school.

"Transitioning from preschool, which is short, is one of the things I was concerned about," Smith said.

Other parents have questions about who will foot the bill.

"If the state is mandating it, I think that's the way it should be because I do think it's important for kids to go to all day kindergarten," said Jane Sanford.

Currently the legislature is looking into the proposal and weighing the pros and cons.  Lawmakers will meet Wednesday to discuss the initiative.