Hard Charge, a North Dakota-based company that sponsored obstacle races across the nation, has ceased all business operations.

A message posted to its website July 3 said the company had shutdown, and that all events are canceled. The company is filing a Notice of Intent to Dissolve. The company also emailed all of it's registered racers for upcoming events giving them the same message.

Hard Charge said it is not able to offer refunds. The company said, "Our senior secured lender has a legal right to the vast majority of our remaining assets, including our accounts, making refunds impossible."

It goes on to say, "Due to our current financial situation, Hard Charge is unable to provide refunds to any athlete who has registered for an event."

It's not just racers who are out money from the company shutting down. Coach Rachel Rausher and her volleyball team at Wichita North High School were promised money Rausher worries they won't ever get.

"It said give us 25 kids to volunteer and we can donate 500 dollars to your program," Rausher said. "We were kind of looking for that 500 dollar donation and now no dice, it didn't happen." Rausher said she emailed a woman from Hard Charge last week asking about the money the company promised her team. She said she didn't get any response back.

The team was planning to use the money for a camp, new warm ups and different volleyball bags. Rausher said now, the team will have to adjust.

"So now we'll just have to reevaluate and prioritize," Rausher said. "So maybe not this year, but maybe next year we can get some of those things we asked for."

However, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals will still be paid the money raised.

Spartan Race offered paid and registered participants the opportunity to sign up for one of it's races for free. Some participants were interested, but said the location was what made Hard Charge so nice.

Click here to register for the Spartan Race

Gretchen Banks lives in Pratt and said Wichita and Park City were a great location for her.

"That was the catch with Wichita. It was close enough," Banks said. "It's only 70 miles from Pratt."

She said she wishes Hard Charge would have given participants some kind of warning.

"I just kind of wish they would have warned us a little bit or given us an explanation as to why," Banks said. "They could have thrown some kind of bone out there."

Hundreds of participants took part in the event at the Kansas Coliseum in April, Banks included. She placed 8th in the televised race.

Eyewitness News reporter Devon Fasbinder called and emailed several Hard Charge employees including the two founders. Nobody from Hard Charge has returned any calls or emails.