With more earthquakes hitting Oklahoma everyday, towns just north of the border are wanting to make sure their historic buildings are preserved.

In the town of Anthony, it's the Harper County courthouse.

Built in 1908, the building has survived torrential rain, hail, ice and everything else Kansas weather can throw at it.

Al Roder, Harper County Administrator, said the courthouse wasn't built to withstand earthquakes.

"The building itself is five stories tall," he said. "It really isn't designed as an earthquake facility a lot of bricks and mortar, concrete."

Roder said that activity has increased in recent years, from one quake in the area in 1997 to a couple of dozen already this year.

"Again because of the construction design in that era wasn't geared up for that type of activity," he said.

Good news though; the county has confirmed that its insurance carrier does cover it for earthquakes.

Roder says so far, the quakes have not been powerful enough to cause any damage, even to the historic building.