The Kansas Department of Revenue says Showroom Auto Motive is re-opening after being closed earlier this week for outstanding sales tax.

The department and the business reached a payment arrangement Thursday afternoon.

The business assets have since been released to the owners and the business is re-opened.


The Kansas Department of Revenue says the business assets of Showroom Auto Motive were seized by civil tax enforcement agents and Sedgwick County Sheriffs' officers on Monday.

The Haysville business owes almost $6 thousand dollars in state sales taxes. Officers seized all known bank accounts, on-site cash, business inventory and personal property assets belonging to the owner, Samuel A. Valdez and Samuel J. Valdez.

The auto body shop located in the 7400 block of South Broadway is now closed, and the Department of Revenue says it will be sold at public auction to pay the taxes owed.

The department says it only seizes assets after several unsuccessful attempts to get owners to repay taxes. In this case, multiple letters, phone calls, letters of impending legal action, tax liens filed and bank levies were all exhausted.

The Revenue Department says it continually encourages delinquent taxpayers to voluntarily enter into a repayment agreement.