Every Tuesday, KDHE releases its current number of measles cases. As of July 29, there are no new cases in Sedgwick County.

According to the Sedgwick County Health Department, there are currently eleven people in the county infected with the measles. Even though the number has not gone up in the last week, the outbreak is not over yet.

Sedgwick County's Interim Health Director Adrienne Byrne-Lutz says if we go until August 26 with no new cases, they will declare the outbreak over. That gives three weeks from when the last known case was contagious.

Until then, the health department is still investigating reports to rule out the measles. Byrne-Lutz says anyone who thinks they have it needs to call ahead before going to the doctor or to the ER. That way nurses can keep them away from the public and prevent it from spreading further.

Byrne-Lutz says the department has worked hard to try to stop the outbreak. "We really attribute it to the health department acting so quickly," said Byrne-Lutz. "Then, our health partners in the community and any of the businesses that were involved, as well as the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, just really working well together and quickly really has made a difference with this."

She says once the outbreak is over, the health department will look at an "after-action report" to see what it can learn from this for the next time it happens.

The health department is not holding any more vaccination clinics, but it will continue offering free MMR shots through Friday, August 1.