One of four people charged in the deaths of a Valley Center couple has entered a plea deal with the state.

As a part of the deal, Braden Smith, testified Thursday morning, against co-defendants, Tony Bluml, Kisha Shaberg and Drew Ellington.

Tony was the adopted son of Roger and Melissa Bluml. Both were both shot outside their home in November in what appeared to be an attempted robbery.  Melissa died shortly after shooting. Roger died a month later.

During the morning portion of the hearing, Smith told the court he wasn't at the scene of the crime when it happened but he did provide the guns used to kill the couple.

"I told them I can't be the one to drive and go to the house." Smith said.

"Why couldn't you?" asked Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett.

"I said I was scared," Smith answered. "I couldn't be the one to do it."

Smith said, Schaberg, Tony Bluml's biological mother, and Ellington, a friend of his, were at the scene. He said, Schaberg told him what happened.

"I wanted to know what had happened, so I asked Kisha and she said when the Blumls arrived back from dinner -"

"I'm sorry," Bennett interrupted Smith to clarify, "arrived back, did you say?"

"Yes," Smith said.


"They arrived back from dinner," Smith continued. "Her and Drew came from the side of the house and she walked up to Melissa's door and shot her. And then she said she went around and did the same thing to Roger."

Smith said, Schaberg told him the gun clicked several times before firing when she shot Roger Bluml.

"She said Roger wasn't paying attention to anything but Melissa, asking her if she was alright," Smith testified. "She said Roger said, 'Baby, baby, are you alright?'"

Prosecutors have said this case revolves around the defendants plotting to kill the Blumls for inheritance money.

"It wasn't very clear. It was very vague. Just that if they can kill his parents they can get the will money," said Smith about early discussion of the idea.

Smith told the court, he and Tony met up with the other Schaberg and Ellington after the crime occurred.

In exchange for his testimony, Smith pleaded guilty to second degree murder instead of capital murder charges the other three defendants face.

A Sedgwick County judge bound over Bluml, Schaberg and Ellington for trial. A date has not been set.