WICHITA, Kan.- Kansas State Trooper Gary Warner is adding the topic of preventative strategies to the curriculum for his defensive driving classes.

Warner says, "When the vehicle is in motion we think about the risks, but having the vehicle parked in our driveway, unlocked where our children can play in or around the car could be just as dangerous."

This is just one tip Trooper Warner gave employees during a defensive driving course at Hutchinson Middle School.

He also gave us some easy and cheap ways to help you remember a child is in the car.

Warner says you should put an important object in the back seat with your child.

"All of us need our tools at work whether its our laptop or sell phone, we can just put them in the back seat with our most important item, the child, so that when we get to those destinations we remember those items. "

Carolyn Morris is a mother and an 8th grade counselor in the driving class. she talks with her kids in the car so she won't forget.

"It's devastating, it's tragic, if you are interacting with your child at all you know they are there."

Trooper Warner says if you have a lot to do, he encourages you to leave your children with family and friends so you can focus on the task at hand without having to worry about your kids.