When the DoubleTree by Hilton Wichita Airport decided it was time for something new, they made a very important decision. Rather than sell the furniture they’ll be replacing, why not give it to those truly in need.

Thousands of pieces of furniture that once provided comfort to weary travelers, now heading to homes of those in need.

“This is the Christmas season,” said Michael Phipps, CHA General Manager of the DoubleTree. “Folks are busy and the stress of life is big. The fact that all the organizations jumped on board and found folks with trucks to help disperse the furniture is in itself marvelous. They all have shown up and I thank them too.”

Bright and early Friday morning, Dear Neighbor Ministries loaded up a truck and pick up with beds and lamps for their transitional housing program, Step Stone. Fifteen full size beds will be used for women and children who are transitioning out of the emergency shelter as victims of domestic violence.

“They don’t have anything, but the clothes on their backs,” said Pat O’Donnell . “They don’t have furniture and now they will.”

This ministry will receive approximately 175 pieces of furniture from the hotel.

“It’s just something that’s going to help so many people in our community,“ said O’Donnell. “People who really wouldn’t have an opportunity to get this kind of furniture.”

Next stop, His Helping Hands Inc. where a single mom and her son picks up three beds and a few other bedroom pieces, donated by the hotel, for their home. Something they say was desperately needed.

“You can feel the springs, they can feel the springs, “ Angela Alexander said.  “Maybe now my daughter will be able sleep in her bed all night because her mattresses are very old. There’s no way I could have purchased these on my own.”

His Helping Hands helps people in the community who are in need. The charity has a warehouse where donated items are held until a family comes by to pick them up. Each person or family has to be referred to the program by an outside organization.

“Most of the people we serve are the neediest of the needy in the Wichita area,“ said Paul Dohm, executive director of His Helping Hands. “The beds and the dressers are two things we are always needing and so we're going to be getting several of those items from the DoubleTree. We are very grateful to them for being very generous to us."

The last of the three charities getting a load of donations is Habitat for Humanity.  They’ll be receiving 400-500 pieces of furniture including dressers, desks and lamps to resell at it’s ReStore.

“This furniture is still in such great condition we will be able to sell it at ReStore,” said Eric Kirby, Wichita Habitat for Humanity ReStore Manager. “The proceeds of which go directly toward benefiting the mission of Wichita Habitat for Humanity.”

DoubleTree employees got first pick of the furniture. They were offered the pieces at a “minimal price” before the hotel donated the items to the charities. Nearly 2 thousand pieces of furniture are being replaced at the hotel, most of that will go to the three charities.