Hundreds of students settled in at Shocker Hall on the Wichita State University campus Saturday as the big "move-in" day came to a close.

This year moving in was a bit different for incoming freshman and their families. Instead of a parking lot now sits the brand new, 784-bed dorm - Shocker Hall. With less room to park and move around, officials at WSU felt a new move in system was needed.

"We were really trying to be proactive when we created this process and it took a lot of people sitting down and brain storming the best solution," said Steve Larson, WSU's Director of Housing and Resident Life. "This is very different than  anything we've done but it's working out awesome. To have people in Koch Arena, we've got staff down there telling them what they can expect up here, to unload quickly.

The new process began in the Koch Arena parking lot where families were instructed to wait in line in their cars. Then as space near the door opened up, Wichita State police officers would direct a few cars at a time up to the front of Shocker Hall. Once there, all of the students belongings would be unloaded from the car at one time, with the help of about 300 volunteers on hand. Those volunteers helped each family unload the car, load those items in a huge rolling cart, and then help them move them up and into each student's dorm room.

"It's great for me to see parents who don't really have to carry anything," added Larson. "We've got volunteers that are taking all of their things up to their rooms and they came back at the end and go 'that was so smooth'."

One of those parents Saturday was Pam Kraus. As she helped move in her son, Kevin, she thought back to the hassle of having to move her daughter in college several years ago.

"We didn't have all the help and the big carts and everything so those were great to get it all in pretty much one load," she said.

While most said waiting in the staging area was the most frustrating part of the move in, most agreed the rest of the process was pretty easy.

"I figured moving in with it being a new dorm and everything there would be some growing pains with it, trying to get everything figured out," said incoming freshman, Kevin Kraus. "But, I was really pleased with the system they had in line."

"It's kind of hectic with the lines," added another student. "But, they've got it pretty organized so you just have to be patient and wait."

By the end of the day on Saturday, Larson said, some 700 students will be moved into the new dorm. They also expected more than 300 upperclassmen to move into Fairmount Hall on Saturday.

Classes at WSU begin Monday, August 18.