There's a growing dispute in Hutchinson over what happened when police shot a pitbull last week.

The incident was recorded on a patrol car's dash cam. Police say the video shows the incident from the beginning, when a dog bit an officer a short time before. Then you see the dog charge out of the home, uncontrolled. The police department said the officer had to protect himself.

"Animal Control was going to take the dog for observation. It's a vicious dog," said Lt. John Taylor with the Hutchinson Police Department. "There is dash cam video that shows the dog coming out, charging the officer," he added. "If the dog's charging you, the officer has a right, necessity to defend himself."

"Caprice" died from his injuries a short time later.

"He was my best friend," said Kimberly Howard-Hallford, the Pitbull's owner.

She said the video stops short, and doesn't show police following her wounded pet back into the home, shooting the dog again.

Howard-Hallford said the dog wasn't attacking the officer, but merely excited to be outside and see someone he knew in the crowd.

"I've had this dog for five years," Howard said. "I've taken him out to the nursing home. He'd go out and visit the residents and stuff with me. We took him to the dog park, never had any problems."

Howard-Hallford said the biggest disagreement is over how many times the officers fired at the dog.

"They're still trying to say they only shot him twice. But they picked up three casings in the yard and one here on the porch that had ricocheted off my door and landed right there," said Howard-Hallford

The video shows the officers fired two shots at the dog. But Howard said an officer shot it another two times inside the home.

"That's incorrect. That's incorrect," said Lt. Taylor. "All the information that I have in the investigation, the officer who shot at the dog shot twice and that was it. And that was outside and that's shown on the video."

Police cited Howard for harboring a vicious animal, but that was dismissed by a city judge a few days later.