When the temperature dropped and icy conditions headed towards Wichita, some customers rushed to get their shopping done.

Monica Smits, Aspen Boutique owner, said her store was slammed Saturday.

"We were just super crazy busy," Smits said. "In fact, we could hardly handle the business we had."

Once the ice arrived, crews cleared the roads but many drivers stayed home anyway. Less traffic on the streets meant fewer shoppers spending money in local stores.

"Sunday it just all fell apart. It was dead in our store. I think for people, it was just an excuse to stay home," said Smits.

After 26 years of sales at Smits' store, she knows those who did not get out Sunday will make up for it in the coming days.

"It makes it a little hard for a small business because we only have so many employees," said Smits.

Her store, like Watermark Books across the street, is open extra hours during the holidays to give customers more time to shop. Even though most stores across Wichita lost business Sunday, the bookstore doubled its dollars.

"We're getting lots of phone calls, web orders, that kind of thing. But we've been pretty pleased with our traffic so far," said Watermark Books owner Sarah Bagby.

Bagby credits the atmosphere of Watermark Books for bringing customers in, despite the ice.

"It's warm. It's cozy. You can get a cup of coffee," she said.

But even still, a late Thanksgiving cut this shopping season short for everyone.

"We still have two Sundays between now and Christmas. I think those two Sundays will be busy, regardless of the weather," said Smits.

Many Wichita store owners say having "Small Business Saturday" two weekends ago helped make a cushion for the lost dollars Sunday.