Freezing rain and drizzle led to multiple accidents in the Wichita area early Saturday.

Dispatchers with the Kansas Turnpike say a man in his 40's died after a crash Saturday morning south of Wichita. Investigators believe icy roads were a factor in the crash. The man has not been identified. Turnpike officials say the road is mostly wet right now, but drivers should still keep it slow.

Also Saturday morning, a five car pile-up shut down a portion of east Kellogg in Wichita. Dispatchers say there was only one minor injury in that wreck.

The City of Wichita was under the Emergency Accident Reporting Plan, or EARP, for awhile Saturday morning. That means if you are in a crash, no one is hurt and no alcohol is involved, and the cars are drivable, you don't have to call police. Instead, you have 24 hours to fill out an accident report on-line by clicking here. EARP was lifted around 7:40 Saturday morning.

The icy conditions from freezing drizzle and rain are worse in southeast Kansas. The Kansas Department of Transportation says many highways south and east of Wichita are completely covered in ice. You can check the latest road conditions across Kansas here

KDOT spokesperson Tom Hein says crews were out quickly to treat Wichita area highways around 2:30 Saturday morning. A lull in precipitation helped crews get ahead of the conditions. 

"When it comes in as ice like this, it is very difficult to have everything perfect," said Hein. "Our crews came in last night and worked through the morning and we generally have things under control right now, but as soon as some other moisture comes in, we'll have problems again."

Hein says KDOT crews are working 12-hour shifts to respond to the winter weather. He says, while highways may be clear around Wichita Saturday morning, drivers still need to watch out for some slick spots. Officials encourage people to stay home if possible, since more winter weather is in the forecast.