Animal control officer Neil Kline says this is a new one.

“In seven years this is the first time I’ve heard of this…we have this more with cats,” says Kline.

Midnight, a black lab mix, escaped from his Wichita yard last December.  But, once he got the shelter it was easy to find his owner.  The shelter used a wand to scan for a microchip and found one.  They knew right away who his owner was.
There was a problem.

“The Humane Society called me and said we have your dog, Midnight.  I said no you don't. I have my dog,” says Denise Martin.

Martin thought she’d already found Midnight.

She was wrong and she knew who the real Midnight was as soon as she got to the shelter.

“Sure enough it was Midnight. He's been gone eight months and one day,” says Martin.

That leaves one more problem.  What about the other dog?  Animal control tried, but was unsuccessful at reuniting him with his owner. 

“They said it was my choice and I couldn't let him go he's part of our family,” says Martin with both dogs running around her feet.

Martin has nicknamed the other one Junior.