It's Shrove Tuesday and that means it's time to race! The annual International Pancake Race was held in Liberal Tuesday morning.

The race is hosted each year in Liberal, Kansas and Olney, England. Times are compared between the two and the town with the winning time is declared the winner.

An English runner won the 65th annual race beating the winner of the southwest Kansas leg of the race.

The Leader and Times reports 20-year-old Devon Byrne, of Olney, England, covered the 415-yard course in a record time of 55.61 seconds. Byrne beat 25-year-old Summer Parsons, who won the leg of the race in Liberal, Kan., six hours later with a time of 63.5 seconds. It was Byrnes' third win in a row.

Byrne's mother, Leslie Byrne, also was a three-time winner of the competition in which Olney and Liberal women in aprons and head scarves run the course with a pancake in a pan.

Olney has won the race 28 times, and Liberal has 36 wins.

The winner in the men's race in Liberal was Alejandro Avila. This is his third straight win.