Home sweet home is not the same for a group of Iraq War veterans from Kansas.

Staff Sgt. George Thiel and two of his platoon members, Everett Crabtree and Cody Morrison said they are missing a member of their troop, who may be in danger.

"He's a big part of us being alive today,” Crabtree said.

Now retired, they call Herington, home. The veterans tell Eyewitness News they are missing a comrade, “Andy Ahmed." They came up with the nickname “Andy,” and asked us to blur his photo to protect his identity.

"I will never leave a fallen comrade," Thiel said. "This young man has fallen right beside me and he's my comrade."

Thiel said “Andy” is an Iraqi civilian who volunteered to help U.S. troops translate during the war. They said he also saved their lives countless times.

"He had the opportunity to come with us, but he said the war was in his country," Thiel said. "He was going to stay there for his country."

“Andy” is now ready to come to the U.S., but is under watch by ISIS, an Iraqi controlled group. Thiel said "Andy" sent him a text message that said, "do you know a way out, please, if you know a way out please let me know, thanks."

If "Andy" is able to make it to the Iraqi Embassy, Thiel said, the state department could help. ISIS is threatening the region near the Embassy, putting "Andy's" safety at risk, Thiel said.

"If they say he needs a sponsor, and a place where he’s guaranteed an address, well he has one,” Thiel said.

President Barack Obama has sent 800 troops to Iraq to reinforce security at the U.S. Embassy, its support facilities, and the Baghdad International Airport.