It's a cold night near Mulvane and the Ames family will be trying to stay warm without breaking the bank.  They just found out where the problem spots in their 100-year-old house are, thanks the latest technology.

"You can definitely feel it on those really windy days," Jeremy Ames says.

Rodney Clark runs a company called Kansas Thermal Imaging.  He does energy audits for homes by getting precise readings of the varying temperatures everywhere he aims his infrared device.

"Everything puts off energy, and it sees the energy," Clark says.

Clark says most homes--old or new--have problem areas that can be fixed with things as simple as weather stripping or some shots of foam insulation.  He says those fixes could save families up to 80 percent on their heating bills.  Clark says this is a good time to get your house checked, because the heat loss is greatest when it's really cold.

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