ST. LOUIS, Mo. -

It didn't matter that Stanford was flying under the radar.

It didn't matter that Kansas has a ton of NBA talent and Stanford has little.

It didn't matter that no one picked Stanford to make a Final Four run. None of that mattered against KU. Stanford was simply the better team in a 60-57 loss at the NCAA Tournament.

The Jayhawks finished the game shooting less than 33 percent and at times couldn't hit water from the ocean. It just wasn't their day on the floor. \

All losses are tough to take but this one seemed toughest for KU. A team with all the potential in the world may have bought into their press clippings too much for their own good. Some called it the most talented KU team in years, but they weren't the toughest. No where near what they needed to be.

Stanford's height was the main problem for the Jayhawks. Joel Embiid would have helped the situation but how much? KU wasn't hitting shots and that was the main problem. They couldn't make layups at times!

It was just a bad day on the court for KU.

It's sad to see Tarik Black go, too. He was choking back tears during the locker room press conference. He came to KU for one reason and that was to go to a Final Four. He was the big time senior for the 'Hawks; the big brother, the mentor. And for a team as young as KU was, they needed that more than a good shoot around, at times.

Imagine how good this team would/could be if all the players came back? Embiid with another year? Andrew Wiggins improving his overall game? Conner Frankamp leading the charge? KU could then really challenge for the title. Wiggins is likely gone, as is Embiid. But he eluded to another year. The cupboard won't be bare for the Jayhawks next year.