It was an Easter weekend miracle to Susan Tamplin. But for the good Samaritans on social media it was just another day.

Last Saturday, Tamplin's 3-year-old granddaughter, Quinn Pischka, broke her thigh bone while playing with cousins. 

Ordinarily, that would be fixed with a quick visit to the ER.  But Quinn's broken bone was made more complicated by her 18 month bout with neuroblastoma, a form of nerve cell cancer. 

Quinn's oncologist in Omaha thought it best if she hurry home to get the leg fixed and begin her recovery there.  It wasn't life or death, but when an already weakened little girl suffers broken leg, panic can set in quickly for her family.

As Quinn's parents grandparents discussed options for the five and a half hour drive, word of the dilemma spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter.

Within an hour, a group of do-gooders came together and found a private plane to fly Quinn to Omaha.  It was a yet another example of the kindness and generosity of Wichitans.  And also a glaring example of the power of social media.