WALTON, Kan. -

People who travel U.S. Highway 50 east of Newton say looks can be deceiving.

"They think it's safe, small town, open country," Sammi Stafford says.

But people who travel the stretch between Walton and Peabody say the road is anything but safe.

"We've lost a lot of people on this highway," Walton City Council member Debbie Robinson says.

The latest deadly crash happened Wednesday.  Fifty-six-year-old Brian Kelly of Wichita was killed when an oncoming car crossed the center line.  Kelly swerved trying to avoid the car, but they still collided and Kelly's truck overturned.  He died at the scene.

"Somebody crossed the center line," Robinson says.  "It happens out here a lot, and that section of highway where they were, there have been several accidents the last few years."

The state says at least seven people have died in the past five years along Highway 50 in Harvey County alone.  At least 94 people were injured. 

The two-lane highway crosses the country, and there are a lot of big trucks.

"It needs to be made into a four-lane," Robinson adds.  "There's just so much traffic.  People use this as a shortcut.  Instead of taking the interstate they'll come down Highway 50 from Emporia."

Robinson says it's even more dangerous now in a high-tech world.

"It's the younger people who are texting all the time," she says.

We don't know yet if that was a factor in this latest crash, but investigators requested a search warrant for the phone of the woman in the car who crossed the center line and walked away uninjured.  If she was texting and driving and caused a deadly accident, the 31-year-old woman could face serious charges.