Make a campaign contribution and get a chance for free tickets.

The email went out to thousands of supporters and friends of U.S. Representative Tim Huelskamp.  In it, he says he's excited "all of our Kansas basketball teams are playing in St. Louis for the first round of the NCAA Tournament."

To celebrate, Huelskamp says he has four tickets to this weekend's games.  In bold letters, the email asks for an "online contribution to our campaign of at least $10...to enter you in the drawing."

We checked to see if that's legal.  Turns out it is, because you don't have to donate to enter.  But earlier in the day, the fundraising website simply said "no purchase required."  So Eyewitness News reporter Jim Grawe filled out the form without giving any money and his entry was rejected.  The message said he had to make a contribution.

We contacted the campaign and left a message explaining the situation.  Minutes later, the website changed, and an email and phone number were added for people who want to enter without contributing money.

A Huelskamp campaign spokesperson told us there was an accidental omission in the email that went out, plus an error in the fundraising software.

According to the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission, if people must spend money for a chance to win something, it's considered a raffle and is illegal in Kansas.