It fell out of David McIntosh's pick up somewhere between Salina and the Colorado state line.

It was a blue tub filled with handmade quilts.

More on the missing quilts on David McIntosh's Facebook Page

Maybe not a big deal to most of us.  But for McIntosh's mother it was years of work with immeasurable sentimental value.

"It means a lot to me," said Genevieve McIntosh.  She has been making quilts for years, giving them to children and grand children when they get married or have babies.  She knew sewing was becoming more difficult for her physically, so Genevieve had been planning ahead, making quilts to leave as a legacy to great-grandchildren not even born yet.

The tub with the quilts disappeared last weekend on Interstate 70.  The tub was recovered west of Russell, but the quilts were gone.  The McIntosh's are desperate to find them and asking for help.  A Facebook post with pictures has been shared more than 20,000 times.

If you spot the quilts, call our station and we'll put you in touch with the family.