Saturday, May 17 marks 60 years since the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka decision that declared segregated schools were unconstitutional.

There are several events planned across the state, including events in Topeka and a week long event at the Kansas African-American Museum in Wichita.

Museum officials will air the documentary "With All Deliberate Speed" from May 16 to May 24. Screenings are free on the actual anniversary of the Brown v. Board decision which is Saturday.

Other civil rights moments include the Dockum sit-in that happened in Wichita in 1958. The often overlooked historical event was one of the first sit-ins in the country's history.

The Dockum building still stands on East Douglas and a statue commemorating the sit-in can be found in downtown Wichita near Douglas and Market.

First Lady Michelle Obama will be in Topeka today to give a commencement speech for high school graduates and to commemorate the anniversary of the Brown V. Board decision.