A lot of Kansans put their lives on the line to try to make Iraq a free and safe place, among them--Wichita pastor Dave Fulton.

Fulton served as chaplain for an Air Force engineering battalion for several months in 2006.  He was stationed right there in Mosul, which has been overtaken by Islamist extremists.

Fulton says these new developments are troubling, but he's encouraging those who served in Iraq, and those who lost loved ones there, to remain hopeful.

"I hate the think that they died for nothing," Fulton says.  "I don't think we know everything that's going on, and we don't know what will come of it.  So, I guess I'm the eternal optimist."

Fulton says those who served in Iraq did so with honor, and nothing can change that.

He adds that whatever action the U.S. should or shouldn't take now in Iraq is for the politicians to decide.