Richard Rose wanted to sign up for insurance on HealthCare.gov for the sake of his teenage kids.

"I'm retired, and I cannot put my children on my Medicare policy," Rose says.  "My wife has a preexisting condition and her policy won't allow dependents."

But getting signed up hasn't been easy. 

Rose got into the website fine, but after entering all his information so he could see what his insurance options were, he got a message back.  It said he needed to verify his wife's immigration status.

"I think I typed in the wrong number when it asked for my wife's citizenship paper naturalization number," Rose says.

And, the website won't allow you to go back and change information you've entered.  Instead, you have a to call a help line.  Then, Rose says he was instructed to wait three to five days for an "advanced resolution specialist" to contact him to help reset his account.  But seven days later, he's still waiting.

Health care navigator Juven Nava says fixing mistakes once you've entered your information on HealthCare.gov, it's hard to change it.

"There is sort of like a hub where all this information goes, and it's to verify everything," Nava says.  "When you enter that wrong information it just throws off the system."

Meanwhile, Rose says he still supports Obamacare.  He just wishes the government would get its act together and make it work.