Kansas schools are taking extra practice precautions due to the heat. As fall practices begin, coaches are rearranging start times and increasing water breaks.

Right now, Wichita Public Schools are under a Zone 3. That means extreme caution and practices cannot be longer than two hours. Also athletes must take breaks every 20 minutes.

"We're going for two hours tonight that's what we're allowed to do in the zone three and if they look out we'll take the helmets off if we have to," said Northwest High School Football Coach Steve Martin.

Matt Washes, a senior defensive end at Northwest High School, says he's just trying his best to beat the heat.

"We've been hydrating all week just to try and stay in good shape out here."

Temperatures are expected to remain in the 90's for the rest of the week. But they could dip into the 80's by the weekend providing some relief.

Click here for more on the district's Heat - Practice Guidelines.