Some might call it a real steal of a deal.  Mention the name of the woman who tried to steal clothes from Willow Fashion in downtown Arkansas City, and get ten percent off.

Store owner Jill Wineinger posted the offer on Facebook after she says she caught the thief in the act last week.

"She had a couple shirts stuffed into her jacket, and one of the shirts happened to slide out as I was saying goodbye to her, telling her to please come back again."

Wineinger says she is still missing a necklace, but she got the woman's license plate number.  The woman was arrested and cited for misdemeanor theft.

On the items the woman tried to steal and ones like them, Wineinger offered five dollars off and called it a "shoplifter special."  She says response was big.

"It kind of went a little more viral than I expected."

The next day she offered the discount for anybody who came in and uttered the alleged shoplifter's name.  Wineinger says customers loved the idea. 

Wineinger says her main goal was to send a message to shoplifters.

"I think it's a good lesson for youth in the community, that you can't steal, especially in this day in age when things easily go so viral," Wineinger adds.

The suspect posted a cash bond and is expected to appear in court later this month.  We were unable to make contact with her.