Teachers filled the Capitol in Topeka Saturday to let lawmakers know where they stand. Randy Mousley is the President of United Teachers of Wichita and was one of the 500 teachers in the state building over the weekend.

"I think this shows where we stand. What lawmakers are doing is unacceptable and they need to get back to work and focus on funding schools in an equal way," Mousley said.

Mousley and other teachers are upset about a part of the Senate's plan that would do away with due process rights for educators.

"That means we could be fired for any or no reason, the exact same as a fast food worker or someone in retail," Mousley said.

Mousley says the Kansas Supreme Court called on lawmakers to fund schools equally no matter their zip code, not add new policy that Mousley says will hurt education across the state.

The plan had not yet been finalized as of 9:15 Saturday night.