State health officials continue testing the water at homes in west Wichita. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment released a new map detailing the levels of chemicals found in a neighborhood's water southwest of Central and Tyler.

KDHE says a dry cleaning chemical seeped into the water supply from the former Four Seasons Dry Cleaning.

Some people living in the contaminated area have city water on the inside of their homes, but their outdoor facets are attached to a well. KDHE says that's fine for watering lawns, but resident Bonnie Jarvis wonders if it's okay for filling a pool.

Jarvis has nearly 50 grand and great-grandchildren who like to use her pool. "They jump in and they throw water all over everybody. They get their big, not just water pistols, the big guns and the water just goes all over everybody," said Jarvis.

Which is exactly why Kyle Parker with KDHE is checking there water in her neighborhood. "We're collecting a couple of vials at each residence. It looks like it's about a two week turn around on those right now from the laboratory," said Parker.

Jarvis lives inside the "area of concern" according to KDHE's contamination map. "The focus now is to get the drinking water sampled," said Parker. "Get bottled water to those that are at or above the drinking water standard, and those at the higher levels they're putting those whole house carbon activated systems in."

So far, Parker says most of the homes he has sampled in Jarvis' end of the neighborhood have low levels. If that is the case with Jarvis' home too, she says her pool will be ready for the kids to swim in by May. "We'll make sure that they don't gulp in too much of the pool water," said Jarvis.

Letting the water sit outside for at least 24 hours should allow the chemicals to evaporate out of it, but an official with KDHE says he still would not recommend letting kids play in it.

If you would like your water tested, contact KDHE at (785) 296-1914. To see the latest map click here.