A couple seconds is all it takes for a tragedy to happen.

Mac McKenzie, licensed clinical family and marriage therapist, said this is especially true when kids are involved.

"A child’s main objective in the world is to explore the world, and sometimes it comes with lethal consequences because they don't understand danger maybe like an adult would," McKenzie said.

McKenzie said children under the age of 7 may not understand the distinction between real violence and fake violence.

"If you tell a child not to get into this, not to get into that, most times it becomes exactly what they are into," he said.

McKenzie said it's not until after that developmental stage in a child's life they understand the difference.

Mckenzie said the most important things to do when you have young children and guns in the home is to make sure your gun and ammo are in separate and safe locked areas. Also, always be mindful when you may be handling the gun and your children are in the room.

"Children mimic everything, you would be surprised they are the best emotional sponges in the house."

He said even though the concept of death may be hard for kids to understand, it’s good to address it when you see these signs.