May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness month and one Kansas mom says the "awareness" part is key.

Her son, Dawson, had a stroke before he was even born. Dawson is now 10-years-old and has cerebral palsy caused by the pediatric stroke.

"We really didn't know anything was wrong when Dawson was born until he was 8-months-old and he wasn't sitting yet," said Leasha Fox. "I took him to the doctor and that's when they referred us to a specialist. They found out when I was pregnant with him, he had a stroke."

Fox said there were signs that she missed purely because she wasn't aware something like this could happen. She wants other parents to know the signs to look for in their children.

"The warning signs were there for Dawson, but we didn't know to look for them," said Fox. "He was using one hand while playing, his other hand was fisted, we thought that was his dominant hand. Look for other warning signs like delays in developmental mile stones."

Dawson competed in the Challenge games in Derby Saturday, competing in shot put, discus and javelin.

Although only 6/100,000 kids will have a pediatric stroke, the National Stroke Association says it's a leading cause of death in children.