I'm so excited to spend Thursday in Newton - my hometown!  I grew up just south of town, on a dirt road, surrounded by fields.  So, I will always be a country girl at heart.  No matter where I have lived - Missouri, Oregon, and Tennessee - my family and home have never been far from my heart.  I've always been Kansas Proud!

Thursday, you'll see some of the things that make me Kansas Proud.  We'll be stopping by the Sheriff's Office to see the men and women who work there.  I'm part of this very special law enforcement family.  My Dad is a captain with the Harvey County Sheriff's Office.  This year he's celebrating 40 years of service!

We'll also stop by Sand Creek Station where they're getting ready for the U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship.  Then, I'm getting a tour of one of Newton's landmarks - the 1880 steam engine.  An old friend of mine will take us inside and give us a history lesson.

That's just the beginning!  How could we go to Newton without stopping by Druber's? 


And I'm also paying a visit to a friend who will always be young at heart.  You should see why age doesn't matter for one of Newton's longtime leaders.

I hope my friends and family like what we're doing!  Whether you know me from Walton Elementary, Santa Fe Middle School, or Newton High… or you know some of my many family members or friends… I hope our stories make you Kansas and Newton Proud!