Anne Armstrong has been running Roy's Hickory Pit BBQ in Hutchinson since 1982. That's when she and her husband bought the barbeque biz from the original Roy.

She says nothing has changed since then, but that doesn't mean it's been easy. In 1996, the place burned down. "Brought it back just as much as we could just exactly the same way," said Armstrong. "I think people would riot if we tried to change things at Roy's BBQ."

Even though Armstrong says Roy's hasn't changed, she has. In 2007, her husband Mike Armstrong died. "We came back to work four days after his funeral," said Armstrong. "We didn't take any time off. We jumped right back in. It was like it was going to be part of the healing process almost and we feel him here."

Now, her son Ryan Collum masters the meat. "It's really important to our family that we're able to continue this," said Collum. "It's awesome."

His quick hands and her swift service make the mother-son duo a mighty one. The regulars hype it up and the new customers learn pretty fast. "Sometimes it's too much of an expectation. We have people from out of state that will come in and go, is this it," said Armstrong. "I always say, what did you think it was an Applebees or something?"

Michael Bugner lives in Nickerson and has heard about Roy's but never tried it. The day we went was his first time. "I wish I would've come in here a lot sooner," said Bugner. "Didn't know what I was missing."

But new or old, they almost always sit at the big round table with a bunch of people they don't know. "You'll see everybody sitting at that table," said Armstrong. "It's a place you're not alone so I guess that's why people like it."

People in Hutchinson say it's an experience you can't get many places anymore, with a hostess hungry for life and barbeque galore.

"It's the people that you feed off of," said Armstrong. "People that come to eat here are happy. They're happy with the food. They're happy with simple service. Customer service sometimes is gone and they really appreciate it when you take the time and wait on them. I love all those people."