The FCC has required all local broadcasters to enable emergency information to be read to the blind and visually impaired. In order to meet this requirement all broadcasters will use a secondary audio channel to deliver this information. If a television is set to this secondary audio channel, viewers may lose or receive audio in another language.

In order to insure viewers continue to receive the audio they’re accustomed to they will need to set their televisions to audio channel one. The process varies from television to television but here are some common steps to set television to the proper channel:

  1. Identify the audio button on the television remote. It can be labeled on of the: AUDIO, SAP, or MTS.
  2. Press the AUDIO, SAP, or MTS button so that a small menu appears.
  3. If Channel 1, Audio 1, or English is not selected, press the AUDIO, SAP, or MTS button until Channel 1 is selected.

If there is not an AUDIO, SAP, or MTS button on the television remote check that it is not under a door or other compartment on the remote. Once located behind a door follow the instructions above.

If no AUDIO, SAP, or MTS button is anywhere on the remote the adjustment will need to be done under the television’s menu. Please check your owner’s manual for help.

Common Secondary Audio Control locations on various televisions:

Cox Mini box: “COX” button on remote control, Settings –> Language Options –> Audio Language –> Primary (Select)

LG Electronics: “Menu” button on remote control, Options –> Language –> English

Panasonic: “SAP” button on remote control

Philips: “Menu” button on remote control, Sound –> Digital Audio Language –> English

Samsung: “MTS” button on remote control

Sharp: “Audio” button on remote control (under door)

Sony: “Option” button on remote control, Sound –> Alternate Audio –> English

Toshiba: “AD” button on remote control

Vizio: “Menu” button on remote control, Settings –> Tuner –> Digital MTS –> English

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