Get out of the way or pay the price. That's what one Kansas lawmaker wants drivers to remember every time they're on the road.

When troopers pull someone over, they have no choice but to take care of business on the side of the highway. It's up to drivers to watch out for them.

Rep. Joe Edwards, R-Haysville, thinks if drivers paid more attention, crashes like the one that injured Master Trooper Da'von Brame Tuesday night could be prevented.

Troopers, highway workers, and tow truck drivers all have one thing in common. They work in the danger zone. "They're not protected by anything out there other than an orange vest and that orange vest sometimes seems like it's a magnet," said Edwards.

Edwards wants to see added protection provided by the state.

Currently, any driver who doesn't move over faces a $195 ticket. Edwards wants to bring the Kansas law inline with Missouri's, which would double the fine for not moving over. It would quadruple it if the driver causes a collision. "If you kill them, you will receive a $10,000 fine, plus a one year loss of your drivers license and one year in jail," said Edwards.

He says the current law isn't taken seriously, especially by some drivers in the Midwest who he says make a game out of it. "A lot of these supposed professional truck drivers were doing their best to what they call 'swoosh' the state trooper or a highway worker, to knock their hats off," said Edwards.

It's a dangerous gamble that angers many lawmakers, but Edwards says some are still against the increase. "This is not a fee. This is a penalty and they need to be slapped very seriously for doing some of this junk."

Edwards says Kansas state troopers wrote more than 700 tickets last year to drivers who didn't move over. "It is a problem and it's my belief that we've got to get a hold of this thing before more people are killed."

Eyewitness News Reporter Lauren Seabrook spoke with the driver who crashed into Trooper Brame Tuesday night. He says he never saw the trooper stopped because he was coming around a corner. The driver says he sneezed multiple times, which caused him to veer off the road to the right.

The driver told Lauren he hopes Trooper Brame will be okay.

As of Thursday night, Brame remains in the hospital but has been upgraded to fair condition.