Chip Reece doesn't see Down Syndrome when he looks at four-year-old Ollie, he see's his son.

Chip considers his son a superhero, having undergone three open heart surgeries before his first birthday. But when Chip wanted to share a comic book passion with Ollie, he couldn't find one featuring a hero like his son.

So, Chip wrote one himself.

"The idea behind it is I want him to dream as big as anybody else can," Chip said. With the help of a Kickstarter campaign, Chip wrote Metaphase, a comic book about a boy with down syndrome.

"I want him to see a character like him that's gone to the highest level to be a super hero," he said.

The book, with the help of a publisher, will come out this fall.

"People with down syndrome, they have as much opportunity as you allow them," Chip said.

Metaphase is an all-ages 70+ page graphic novel to be published by Alterna Comics.