For a local runner, running in the Boston Marathon Monday was a safe and fun experience. Robin Johnson last ran in the Boston Marathon two years ago, and said the difference in security today was very noticeable.

According to Johnson, the security was very organized, and it helped put the runners at ease.

"I had no fear at all, I felt completely safe. What they did this year was completely amazing and never once did it enter into my mind that anything bad would happen," said Johnson.

He said the increased police presence was obvious, and his wife saw HazMat crews checking the crowds every half hour while she watched from the stands.

Last year there was a barrier on one side of the street, but Johnson said there were barriers on both sides of the street this year.

This was the city's first big race since last year's deadly attacks, and some members of the crowd chanted as an American was the first to cross the finish line. This was the first time an American won overall since 1983.

The top finisher from the state was Trevor Johannsen from Lawrence. He placed 193rd overall.

The top finisher from Wichita was Logan Jones with 499th place.

Kansas had four runners finish in the top 500.