Every year, there are 60,000 table saw injuries- that’s one every 9 minutes. The most common injury associated with table saws is getting your finger, or fingers, cut off. For businesses that use table saws, that means about $45,000 per claim with their workman’s compensation insurance. And once the damage has been fixed and the hospital bills paid, insurance premiums jump up between $9,000 and $10,000 per claim. Then, add on court settlements if the injured employee decides to sue the business. Table saw amputation injuries are extremely expensive. And the worst part? They are 100% preventable with SawStop.

Saw Stop came onto the market in 2004. It’s amazing technology can detect when the saw touches skin, and immediately stops the saw and drops it below the table. Here’s how it works: The blades on the SawStops carry a small electrical signal that is always monitored by a processor below the table. When the blade touches skin, the electrical signal changes because the human body is conductive. The processor reads the change in signal and activates a quick-release aluminum brake. A heavy duty spring forces the brake into the teeth of the saw blade, and the saw stops. The momentum from the saw forces the blade under the table, and the motor automatically shuts off. All of this takes only 1/5000 of a second- that’s 10 times faster than a car’s airbag.

 With the SawStop technology, thousands of people have already saved their fingers. It is being used in businesses and wood working classes across the country, and is a must-have for all professional and hobbyist wood workers.

 The only store in the Wichita area to carry the SawStop is The Big Tool Store in Derby. They carry a full line of wood working materials and machines, and have the SawStop on display. If you want to find out more information about how you can protect yourself or someone you love who works with table saws, stop by The Big Tool Store and talk to their friendly staff.

 The Big Tool Store is located at 4640 E. 63rd St. South in Derby. They are open Monday-Friday from 8-6, and Saturday from 8-12.