If you have an early morning flight out of Mid-Continent Airport anytime soon, be prepared to get there early.

Tuesday morning, many passengers there for early morning flights got stuck in backed up lines waiting to go through airport security. Many of them said they'd never seen such long wait times at Mid-Continent before.

"The line is really long," said waiting passenger Dhanielle Revely. "I always fly out early morning and I've never seen it this long."

"I flew out last week and then today this line has gone up and down toward baggage claim which I haven't seen before," added frequent flyer Richard Gostautas.

According to officials with TSA, wait times at Mid-Continent Airport usually run between ten to 15 minutes. Tuesday, some passengers were waiting for more than 30 just to get to the security checkpoint.

The early morning rush is a problem airport officials have been trying to correct for years. In 2012, TSA added several more lanes to the security checkpoint in hopes of speeding up the process. On Tuesday, TSA officials said, they received more passengers in the morning than they were prepared for and only had one lane ready to open.

"What's not understandable about it is there's two lanes and typically there's extra TSA agents standing up at the front so it just doesn't make a lot of sense," said another frustrated flyer, Kathy Lane. "They should have both lanes open when you've got this many passengers waiting in line."

Officials with TSA said part of the backup could be blamed on the fact that they are currently understaffed and are in the hiring process. Six new agents have been hired for the Wichita airport but because those employees are still in the training process, the early morning wait times may last just a little while longer.