A charity that serves meals to the hungry will be expanding services on the road.

The Lord's Diner will begin serving meals from a second food truck Wednesday night. It was purchased with funds from a gift from Dr. Shaker Dakhil, a Wichita physician. The first truck rolled out at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church in Andover last year. It has moved to different locations to target more areas of pocket hunger.

Meals are prepared at the Lord's Diner facility in downtown Wichita daily, then loaded onto the trucks for distribution. The trucks are fully equipped with refrigerators, and several heating devices inside, to make it easy for volunteers to serve up a full meal and hand it out the window.

The trucks are expected to serve on average between 400 and 500 guests each night.

Meals from the second food truck will be served at Hilltop Community Center, 1329 S. 1329 S. Terrace, Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 p.m.