Fred Kaufman of LT's Auto Repair has taken good care of his car -- Turtle.

"It's a 1996 Chevy Cavalier, with about 243-thousand miles on it," Fred said.

There have been only a few times, where Fred gave Turtle no chance at crossing the finish line.

"I have ran this car out of gas a few times, and once was on the turnpike and yes it was my own fault because I went past the service area and said, 'I've got plenty.  I can get to the next one.'  No, I could not," Fred said.

The makers of "Magic Tank" say no one should ever get stranded again... as long as you carry some of this emergency fuel in your ride.

The commercial says "the magic of the fuel is its safe, non-flammable, and legal to carry in your car.  It's the peace of mind and insurance for protecting you and your loved ones."

The makers say just add it to your tank when you're out of gas.  Then, stop by a gas station as soon as you can.  We bought three half-gallon containers of "Magic Tank" for $66.95 total. That includes shipping.

Fred ran his car out of gas until it stalled. With the engine still warm, he pours the entire contents of the one half gallon container of "Magic Tank" into his gas tank. But after several attempts, his car doesn't start.

"I'm listening to the sound of the fuel pump.  When it picks up the fuel, the tone of the pump drops down.... it's not picking it up," Fred said.

After adding the second half gallon, Fred tries to start Turtle again.

"I'm just cranking the throttle open just a little bit.  With a fuel-injected car, opening the throttle does not help like a carburetor on an older car.  You're not supposed to have to touch the gas at all.  I'm actually only doing it pretty much out of habit," Fred said.

But Turtle doesn't take-off.  Fred fills Turtle up with a third half gallon of "Magic Tank."

"There we go," Fred said as Turtle starts up.

Turtle runs smoothly and drives off... after a gallon and a half of "Magic Tank."

Does it work?

"It works, but it may not work for every car, because it doesn't appear to be enough in the container," Fred said.

We called the company and spoke with the CEO directly, because while it worked, it took three containers.  He said we should have only needed one half-gallon container of "Magic Tank." 

He blamed our test for the results.

We also asked the owner about the make-up of "Magic Tank."  He said it's a "gasoline derivative."  A half gallon of "Magic Tank" is equal to a half gallon of gas.  The CEO said they have removed all the flammable components of it.  However, it is still combustible.

As for Fred's car, it has been more than a week since we tested "Magic Tank."  He said Turtle is running just fine.